Megakids Holdings

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Megakids Holdings, a subsidiary of Megafortunes Holdings registered and based in the United States, made the leap from selling offline and occasionally on social media to operating its own eCommerce portal.


The Solution

Like most online stores that got their start from a physical store, Megakids started off selling offline and later through social media. However, their quest for growth, the desire to cut down on operating expenses, and ability to sell to people nationwide moved the business to contact us for the development of an ecommerce store.

Armed with a complete understanding of Megakids' requirement for an e-store, we proceeded with design and development. We built a store with full cart capabilities and hook it up to a payment gateway to accept all payment from credit and debit card holders. Customers can also choose to make bank transfers or pay on delivery of items purchased.

Since Navigation can make or break a website's overall performance, we spent a great deal of time building a strong site navigation and improving the user experience. The end result is a website that is not only pretty looking but easy to use. Customers can quickly find the product that want, thus avoiding a potentially frustrating hunt.

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