Kiddies Treasures

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Sometimes you have a "beautiful" website but everything you do to make it generate sales doesn't just work. That was the problem with Kiddies Treasures' old website. They contacted us with one major goal: Build us a website that would convert visitors to customers.

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The Solution

And so we set to work. We began by reviewing with them the reason why their old website wasn't working: poor navigation and a tedious checkout process. We set out to redesign a website with clean and clear navigation menu with simple, obvious terms that are easy to figure out. Emphasis was also placed on providing a smooth checkout process that would reduce the amount of shopping cart abandonment. Here we spent a lot of time fine-tuning and polishing off the user experience.

The reward for Kiddies Treasures has been increased sales, happier customers. For us, it's another happy customer and a success story!

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