Case Study:

Le Niveau Consult

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Le Niveau Consult, a firm with the aim of placing African students into educational institutions abroad, reached out to us to redesign their website. They were sick of looking at their old website as it was not an accurate representation of their brand. From mismatched colours to low resolution images to bad SEO leading to poor ranking on Google and other search engines, everything was wrong with their website.

The Solution

We approached the website redesign by first reviewing Le Niveau Consult brand identity. The goal here was to create web pages that align with the existing brand.

Mobile-friendliness was a problem with the old website. So we designed the new one to be responsive. That way, it automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. This really improved the user experience as evident in the 232% increase in Page Views and 57% increase in Bounce Rate.

We spent a lot of time researching which search terms (keywords) their potential clients would use in finding them on Google and other search engines. After this research, we began the process of optimizing the website for the search engines. Although this part is ongoing as gaining a good ranking on Google for a new website can take several months, the new website has already seen 79% increase in traffic.

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