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Do you need a functional website that gives your business more exposure, lets you reach more clients and make more sales?


Here's your chance to work 1-on-1 with industry experts to develop the perfect strategy for your business and your target market.

Our Process

One of the things you're really going to love about our approach is how much money we'll save your business while helping you make more money. Below is our streamlined workflow that makes this possible:



The first step in our web design process is gathering information about you and your organisation and putting together a plan for your website. You, along with our strategy team, will set priorities and build a sitemap that explains how buyers and prospects will navigate your website. At the end of the strategy meeting, you will have a blueprint and a comprehensive strategic plan for your website.



Using the Blueprint, we will use our artistic inspiration to create wireframes and page layouts. This stage in our design process is highly collaborative and iteractive. We will be in close contact with you to ensure the designs are in compliant with your ideas and objectives.



Your website content and the design are two sides of the same coin that work together to communicate your brand identity. So both the design and content phase will occur simulteneously. We will work with you to organise content, define calls to action, and optimise for Search Engines.


Build & Develop

This is where our development team breathes digital life into the wireframes and page layouts from Stage 2 and turn them into a fully functional website. Our entire team works to add copy, photography, video, and other data into the website. Thereafter, we review and put your website through a battery of tests to ensure that all functional requirements are met. We also ensure that your website renders perfectly on browsers and devices.



After testing and review, your website is ready to go live. During this stage, we plan hosting, connect the website to 3rd party services, promote and optimise for search engines such as Google and Bing, and one final test to ensure that everything is still functioning as intended. Thereafter, we provide technical training to ensure that you can operate the website.


Evaluate & Improve

We don't walk away after launch. Once your website is launched, we access its functionality in the real world with real visitors. Using cutting-edge analytic tools, we evaluate visitor behaviour, improve your website performance, and maximise results. As market conditions shift, we keep you up to date with the latest marketing strategies, monitor what your competitors are up to and perform competitive threat analysis.


Generate Leads

Just because you have launched your website on the Internet doesn't mean that everyone will come flocking to it. Your website's success depends on how well you promote it, and that requires implementing a smart marketing plan. At this stage, we will be happy to work with you in creating a digital marketing strategy to help generate leads and make sales.


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As you consider the benefits of a decision to work with our web design company, you might like to look at our client list.

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CMS, SEO, Web Design
CMS, eCommerce, SEO, Web Design
CMS, Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design
CMS, Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design
CMS, SEO, Web Design
eCommerce, Web Design
CMS, SEO, Web Design
CMS, eCommerce, SEO, Web Design
CMS, Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design
CMS, Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design
CMS, SEO, Web Design
eCommerce, Web Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really design a website in 2 weeks?
Yes! Once you provide us with enough content for your website (text and images), we would typically have the first beta ready within 1 week. By the end of the 2nd week, we would have made all necessary changes, ran several user acceptance tests, and launched the website. However, more complex web design projects will require more time, usually between 4-6 weeks.
Do I need to have all my content ready before contacting you?
No! We can begin design and development work while you prepare your content. To make things easier for you, we will provide you with a content outline, and with it, you will easy create your content. Alternatively, we can help with your content creation for a small fee.
Can you help me source photos for my website?
Yes. We will help you source awesome photos from sites like If you're looking to use custom photos and videos for your website, we have photographers available to produce them.
I'm not in Lagos. Can you still make my website?
Yes. Just like you, majority of our clients are not in Lagos, yet we communicate seamlessly with them using email and phone. We build your website on our development server and give you login details so that you can monitor the progress. This way, you can provide us with feedback if something isn't the way you envisioned it.
Do I own the completed website?
Absolutely! Everything we build will be 100% owned by you. You will own the finished product and receive the source files. Although we would hate to see it happen, you are free to take your site to another hosting company at anytime and we will happily assist you in making the transition effortless.
Do you outsource your projects overseas or to freelancers?
No. Many agencies in Nigeria will give out work to freelancers. Not Ciphermedia. All our work is performed by our in-house team based in Lagos, Nigeria.
I don't see any work examples from my industry. Do you work with all types of businesses?
We have worked for small businesses and large corporations in over 30 industries but cannot include all of them in the portfolio on our website. With such vast experience in every major industry, you such speak to us about your project right away.


Why are your prices lower than your competitors'? Are you cutting corners?
No, we're not! We design our websites to be the perfect balance of features and price for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Having been in the web design industry for more than 10 years, we have streamlined our processes and reduced overhead. This has helped us keep our prices low, yet the quality of our designs exceed those of agencies who charge more than us.
Are there any hidden costs associated with your web development services?
No. We have a streamlined and organised pricing structure that removes the possibility of any hidden charges. To ensure you know what the exact cost is, we begin by itemising your website requirement and the cost implications.
Are there any recurring costs involved with owning a website?
Yes. At a minimum, you will need to pay for annual domain name registration and web hosting. At Ciphermedia, we offer you free domain name registration and web hosting for the first year. Thereafter, you will have to pay for yearly renewal. The other recurring cost is for maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. The good thing is, we offer free managed maintenance for the first year. You will also get it free if you continue to host your website with us.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept bank transfers and cheque payments.


I want to sell my products online. Do you build eCommerce websites?
Yes. We build everything from a single product eCommerce website to an online store with thousands of products. Our eCommerce solution is specially designed with automation that delivers amazing results like a good salesman.
What payment gateway do you recommend?
We recommend Paystack. They are simply the best around.
Is there a limit to the number of products I can have in my online store?
No. You can have 1 or 50,000 products.

Support & Maintenance

Would I receive support after the design?
We always provide full support for every website we design. If you encounter any problems, you can reach us via our support email and we will respond within an hour.
What happens if my site is inaccessible or displays incorrectly?
If you have an emergency such as this, please call us immediately on 08033958518. If it is outside normal business hours, leave us a message and we will reach you immediately.
Do you charge for technical support?
We offer you free support for the first year after the design is complete. Also, as long as your website is hosted with us, there will be no charge for support.


One of the things you will appreciate about choosing to work with us is our after-sales support. Our clients' testimonials below say it better...

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